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Electoral Corruption in Bangladesh.

Of all the life sciences, systematics is probably the one whose history is least studied. Its celebrity founders have been well historified: Linnaeus, whose universal system of binomial nomenclature still endures; Darwin, who gave classification a biological foundation; and a few others. But of the activities of the hundreds of collectors, curators, and classifiers who have found, preserved, named, and ordered the million-plus species whose world we share-of these our knowledge remains scattered and fragmentary. This is paradoxical, because of all the sciences systematics has the deepest living memory, thanks to rules of nomenclature that oblige those who would name a new species to actively engage the literature back to the Linnaean big bang. This situation is, happily, changing; substantial histories have been quietly accumulating, some by historians with a sustained devotion to the subject.

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"The Lady in the Coffin"- Delusions and hearing voices :A narrative performance of insight.

Fulfer and Jennifer Blevins-McNaughton. AA: Harvey and John D. Gerhart and M. Pasternostro Bayles.

A Place for Digital Storytelling in Teacher Pedagogy

How to publish with Brill. Fonts, Scripts and Unicode. Brill MyBook. Ordering from Brill.

Erdmann, PhD Award Recipients. Ditto and I. Abrogation of esophageal carcinoma development in miR knockout rats. Absence-to-bilateral-tonic-clonic seizure: A generalized seizure type.

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Chloroplast genomes plastomes are frequently treated as highly conserved among land plants. However, many lineages of vascular plants have experienced extensive structural rearrangements, including inversions and modifications to the size and content of genes. Here, we investigated the variation of plastome sequences across the second-major lineage of the Cactaceae, the subfamily Opuntioideae, to address 1 how variable is the content and arrangement of chloroplast genome sequences across the subfamily, and 2 how phylogenetically informative are the plastome sequences for resolving major relationships among the clades of Opuntioideae. Our de novo assembly of the Opuntia quimilo plastome recovered an organelle of , bp in length with both copies of the inverted repeat and the presence of all the ndh gene suite.

Sorting out Lalos : description of new species and additional taxonomic data on megophryid frogs from northern Indochina genus Leptolalax , Megophryidae, Anura. Frogs in the subgenus Lalos of the genus Leptolalax Megophryidae are highly diversified in continental Asia and consist of about 17 nominal species. These frogs are small, inconspicuous, and of high superficial morphological similarity. We here formulate a hypothesis of phylogenetic relationships and assess the amount of genetic variation among genealogical lineages on the basis of bp of mitochondrial 16S rDNA sequences. Combining molecular data with a study of morpho-logy, morphometric divergence and geographical proximity, we tested hypotheses of species identity.


General, nested, and constrained Wiberg minimization. Dennis Strelow. General and nested Wiberg minimization: L 2 and maximum likelihood. General and nested Wiberg minimization.

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