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Ramam, A. Chen, X.

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Ion Implantation and Activation

Ion implantation is a low-temperature process by which ions of one element are accelerated into a solid target, thereby changing the physical, chemical, or electrical properties of the target. Ion implantation is used in semiconductor device fabrication and in metal finishing, as well as in materials science research. The ions can alter the elemental composition of the target if the ions differ in composition from the target if they stop and remain in the target. Ion implantation also causes chemical and physical changes when the ions impinge on the target at high energy. The crystal structure of the target can be damaged or even destroyed by the energetic collision cascades , and ions of sufficiently high energy 10s of MeV can cause nuclear transmutation. Ion implantation equipment typically consists of an ion source , where ions of the desired element are produced, an accelerator , where the ions are electrostatically accelerated to a high energy, and a target chamber, where the ions impinge on a target, which is the material to be implanted. Thus ion implantation is a special case of particle radiation.

Ion Implantation and Activation

All moving objects with mass have what is called as momentum, which is related to energy. This basic principle is used in ion implantation. In this case, ions are the objects which are set in motion by an electric field and these ions will colide into a solid, the target material. Ion implantation is, therefore, a materials engineering process used to change the physical, chemical, or electrical properties of the solid. This process is used specially in the fabrication of semiconductor devices. More specifically, the energy and momentum are transferred to the electrons and nuclei of the solid. If the energy used in ion implantation is high enough, a small amount of nuclear transformation is possible, meaning that one chemical element can be turned into another.

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Silicon Technologies

Planar Processing Primer pp Cite as. Ion implantation I 2 provides an alternative to the predep diffusion for doping a host material. In contrast to diffusion which is a thermal process, I 2 is controlled electrically. Voltages can be switched on or off very rapidly, whereas changing temperatures is very slow. Thus, ion implantation provides greater flexibility, particularly if shallow doping depths and low doping densities are needed.

The input may be directly modified as provided and used as an input to the routines. A stream of data files at different damage conditions is created by the routines. The routines output data files containing implanted ion atomic fractions, atomic fractions per dpa, locations where implanted ion atomic fractions and atomic fractions per damage surpass supplied thresholds, and damage level across a given material depth. Data files are created in increments specified by the user, a header file containing inputs to the routine is also created with a plot of the implanted ion and damage profiles at the final damage condition compared to the SRIM predictions. A full description of the routine development is given in the accompanying article [1].

This book has been written to provide newly arrived engineers in a silicon foundry environment with a comprehensive background in the fundamental physical and chemical basis for major front-end silicon treatments, such as oxidation, epitaxy, ion implantation and impurities diffusion, as well as giving a survey of the major types of equipment used in integrated circuit IC chip foundries. Techniques include various forms of chemical vapor deposition CVD , epitaxy, thin film technologies, lithography, masking, and other nanotechnologies. As well as the target audience, the book will also be of great interest to engineers and advanced students in all these and related fields of electrical engineering, materials science, and manufacturing.

Ion implantation

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    example is the phenomenon of transient enhanced diffusion. ~TED!which occurs when ion-implanted dopants in crystal-. line silicon ~c-Si!, such as B and P, are.

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    PDF | The diffusion of boron (B) in germanium (Ge) is studied. B was introduced in Ge wafers by ion implantation and concentration profiles.

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