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You are at accurate place. SVR Technologies give SQL Server training online at your registered time, you can choose classes where, when, and how it accommodates you the best. Here is the top 50 objective standard model SQL Server Dba Interview questions and their answers are provided just underneath to them.

SQL Server database developer interview questions and answers

Download PDF 1. What are the two authentication modes in SQL Server? There are two authentication modes — Windows Mode Mixed Mode Modes can be changed by selecting the tools menu of SQL Server configuration properties and choose security page.

This is mainly used to capture and save data about each event of a file or a table for analysis. What is recursive stored procedure? SQL Server supports recursive stored procedure which calls by itself. Recursive stored procedure can be defined as a method of problem solving wherein the solution is arrived repetitively.

It can nest up to 32 levels. What are the differences between local and global temporary tables? Local temporary tables are visible when there is a connection, and are deleted when the connection is closed. A CHECK constraint can be applied to a column in a table to limit the values that can be placed in a column.

Check constraint is to enforce integrity. Can SQL servers linked to other servers? What is sub query and its properties? A sub-query is a query which can be nested inside a main query like Select, Update, Insert or Delete statements. This can be used when expression is allowed. Properties of sub query can be defined as A sub query should not have order by clause A sub query should be placed in the right hand side of the comparison operator of the main query A sub query should be enclosed in parenthesis because it needs to be executed first before the main query More than one sub query can be included 8.

What are the types of sub query? There are three types of sub query — Single row sub query which returns only one row Multiple row sub query which returns multiple rows Multiple column sub query which returns multiple columns to the main query. With that sub query result, Main query will be executed. What is SQL server agent? Server agent's purpose is to implement the tasks easily with the scheduler engine which allows our jobs to run at scheduled date and time.

What are scheduled tasks in SQL Server? Scheduled tasks or jobs are used to automate processes that can be run on a scheduled time at a regular interval. This scheduling of tasks helps to reduce human intervention during night time and feed can be done at a particular time.

User can also order the tasks in which it has to be generated. This function is used to return a non-null from more than one column in the arguments. FLOOR function is used to round up a non-integer value to the previous least integer.

Can we check locks in database? If so, how can we do this lock check? Yes, we can check locks in the database. What is the use of SIGN function? Example — SIGN returns -1 What is a Trigger? Triggers are used to execute a batch of SQL code when insert or update or delete commands are executed against a table.

Triggers are automatically triggered or executed when the data is modified. It can be executed automatically on insert, delete and update operations. What are the types of Triggers? There are four types of triggers and they are: Insert Delete Update Instead of What is Bulkcopy in SQL? Bulkcopy is a tool used to copy large amount of data from Tables. This tool is used to load large amount of data in SQL Server. What will be query used to get the list of triggers in a database?

It is similar to JOIN command. It will not remove duplicate rows, instead it will retrieve all rows from all tables. How Global temporary tables are represented and its scope? Global temporary tables are represented with before the table name. Scope will be the outside the session whereas local temporary tables are inside the session. Stored Procedure is a set of statements which is stored in a compiled form. Dynamic SQL is a set of statements that dynamically constructed at runtime and it will not be stored in a Database and it simply execute during run time.

What is Collation? Collation is defined to specify the sort order in a table. There are three types of sort order — Case sensitive Case Insensitive Binary How can we get count of the number of records in a table? What is the command used to get the version of SQL Server? Which SQL server table is used to hold the stored procedure scripts? Name of the stored procedure is saved in the table called Sys. These magic tables are used inside the triggers for data transaction.

How can you create a login? This function also provides to replace a value with the NULL. What is the use of FOR Clause? This clause is mainly used to display the query results in XML format or in browser. What will be the maximum number of index per table? What is the difference between varchar and nvarchar types? Varchar and nvarchar are same but the only difference is that nvarhcar can be used to store Unicode characters for multiple languages and it also takes more space when compared with varchar.

What is the use of SPID? What is the command used to Recompile the stored procedure at run time? How to delete duplicate rows in SQL Server? User Names and Passwords are stored in sys. But passwords are not stored in normal text. How data can be copied from one table to another table? The sample rows taken are based on the percentage of rows. Which command is used for user defined error messages? Those user defined messages are stored in sys.

What do mean by XML Datatype? Columns and variables are created and store XML instances in the database. What is CDC? CDC is abbreviated as Change Data Capture which is used to capture the data that has been changed recently. This feature is present in SQL Server What is SQL injection? SQL injection is an attack by malicious users in which malicious code can be inserted into strings that can be passed to an instance of SQL server for parsing and execution.

All statements have to checked for vulnerabilities as it executes all syntactically valid queries that it receives. Even parameters can be manipulated by the skilled and experienced attackers. What are the methods used to protect against SQL injection attack? What is Filtered Index? Filtered Index is used to filter some portion of rows in a table to improve query performance, index maintenance and reduces index storage costs.

What is SQL? SQL is the standard language for dealing with Relational Databases. SQL can be used What are regular expressions? Regular Expressions help search data matching complex criteria. What is Nested Blocks Oracle? They are Now that Myflixdb, what's next?

Congratulations for your success completion of the SQL tutorial Home Testing. Must Learn! Big Data. Live Projects.

Top 50 SQL Server Interview Questions & Answers

In this article we will go through the most basic and frequently asked interview questions on SQL Server. Please do not think that I am writing this article to show shortcuts to candidates who are searching for jobs on SQL Server. But I think no matter how much experience you have, an interview is a different ball game. A good project executioner can get knocked off on simple SQL Server questions. Q How many types of relationships exist in database designing? Q What is normalization? What are the different type of normalization?

Top 50 sql server interview questions and answers pdf What are the differences in Clustering in SQL Server 20or R2? On a Windows Server Active – Passive failover cluster, how do you find the node which.

SQL Server Developer T-SQL Interview Questions

This tip has interview style questions graded as either easy, moderate or advanced related to T-SQL, the relational engine programming language. Check out the questions and answers to help gauge your skills. Good luck! When you don't know, you know where to study!!!

Interview Questions and Answers are now updated with the latest questions and answers. I enjoyed writing questions and answers. I have gotten many emails about complete series.

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Sql Server Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

How to create a database in SQL Server? A database is an organized file of data. It is a collection of schemas, tables, procedures, code functions, and other objects.

SQL Server Interview Questions

Explain what are the different SQL Server Versions you have worked on, what kind of administration of those instances has been done by you. Your role and responsibilities carried out in your earlier projects that would be of significance to the potential employer. This is the answer that lets the interviewer know how suitable are you for the position to which you are being interviewed. What is the difference between Clustered and Non-Clustered Index?

The first installment of this TechRepublic series focused on C developer interview questions. It generated a lively discussion on the merits of such questions and the different approaches to measuring technical aptitude during an interview process. This week we take a look at SQL Server. These questions which all apply to SQL Server are not meant to be the only way to ascertain a candidate's technical expertise during an interview, but rather one piece of the puzzle that may spawn more thorough discussions.

Here, in this list of the top SQL Server interview questions, you will learn the most important interview questions to clear your SQL Server interview. SQL is one of the most common skills that recruiters look for not only in IT-related jobs but also in various other job profiles, including business, finance, insurance, and other domains. Following are some of these frequently asked SQL Server interview questions in the corporate world:. How can SQL Server instances be hidden? How can we check whether the port number is connecting or not on a Server DBA?

Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server -> “SQL Enterprise Manager” and run SQL Enterprise Manager. What are the new features in SQL Server

SQL Server Interview Questions - Part 1

Download PDF 1. What are the two authentication modes in SQL Server? There are two authentication modes — Windows Mode Mixed Mode Modes can be changed by selecting the tools menu of SQL Server configuration properties and choose security page.

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