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Types of Negotiable Instruments (Features, Function, Practice)

As a general rule, the provisions applicable to a bill of exchange payable on demand apply to a cheque, yet there are a few points of distinction between the two, namely:. A cheque is always drawn on a banker, while a bill of exchange may be drawn on any one, including a banker. A cheque can only be drawn payable on demand; a bill of exchange may be drawn payable on demand, or on the expiry of a certain period after date or sight. A cheque does not require acceptance and is intended for immediate payment while a bill of exchange must be accepted before payment can be demanded. A grace of three days is allowed in the case of payment of a time bill of exchange, while no grace is given in case of a cheque.

Hey I am Ramandeep Singh. Do you want me to help you? Login Sign Up. It is an absolute order which addresses the drawee to pay on behalf of the drawer to the payee. It is always due on demand for a fixed sum of money and signed by the drawer of the instrument. The validity of cheque payment is 3 months and after the expiry of validity, a cheque will be dishonoured. A bill of exchange is an unconditional negotiable instrument of payment which directs a drawee to make payment for a certain amount of money to the payee.

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Negotiable instruments are freely transferable commercial documents, and each type of negotiable instrument has unique functions and features. Negotiable instruments are is a commercial document that satisfies certain conditions and transferable either by the application of law as by the custom of bleed concerned. This instrument can be transferred freely from hand to hand and has a legal life that can be transferred by more delivery or endorsement. A negotiable instrument acts state three instruments; check, bill of exchange, and promissory notes are negotiable instruments. The promissory note is a signed document of written promise to pay a stated sum to a specified person or the bearer at a specified date or on-demand.

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The bill of exchange and promissory note are negotiable instruments used for carrying out various economic activities. However, they vary from each other in many ways. The significant difference between them is that a bill of exchange is a written order drafted by the drawer on the drawee to receive the mentioned sum within the specified period. Whereas, a promissory note is a written promise made by the borrower or drawer to repay the amount on a specific date or order of the payee. According to the traditional concept, cash is an inevitable part of every transaction. But in the present scenario, whether it is trading, banking, financing or any other economic activity, bill of exchange and promissory note make the transactions convenient even in the absence of immediate cash. Basis Bill of Exchange Promissory Note Meaning A bill of exchange is a written order drafted by the drawer on drawee to pay a specific sum within a mentioned time period without any condition.

notes, and also the similarities and differences between the bills of exchange promissory note, presentation of bills of exchange and promissory notes for payment in the Keywords: bill of exchange, promissory note, drawer, drawee, issuer, 4 R. Economu, Practical Manual for Exchange Law, “Lumina Lex” Publishing.

Bills of Exchange vs Promissory Note

Negotiable instruments are important parts of doing regular business deals. These instruments carry a demand or a promise to pay a certain amount of money within a stipulated period of time. There are three kinds of negotiable instruments — bills of exchange , promissory notes , and cheques. In this article, we will discuss head to head differences between the Bill of exchange and promissory note. There are many differences between the bills of exchange vs.

In a note there are 1. In a bill there are two parties — maker and three parties — drawer, the payee drawee and payee. Note contains 2. Bill contains unconditional promise to unconditional order to pay pay. The maker of the note 3.

A negotiable instrument is a commercial document in writing, that contain an order for payment of money either on demand or after a certain time. These are of three types, namely, bills of exchange, promissory note and cheques. There are instances when the bill of exchange is juxtaposed with a promissory note.

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Bill of Exchange Vs Promissory Note

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Content: Bill of Exchange Vs Promissory Note

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