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Abstract The process of extracting oil and gas by unconventional methods from underground formations involves injecting high volumes of fresh water, chemicals, and proppants at high pressure into deep geological formations as a means of enhancing the extraction of hydrocarbons. This technique has vastly increased the potential for domestic oil and gas production and has been promoted as a way to decrease dependence on foreign energy sources, replace dirtier energy sources such as coal, and generate new jobs and economic development. At the same time, unconventional oil and gas UOG poses various known and unknown risks to public health and the environment, including water quality and quantity concerns, worker health and safety issues, air quality problems and methane leaks, health effect concerns including those for vulnerable populations , physical hazards, community-level impacts, and climate change effects. This policy statement is intended to cover the risks associated with the entire UOG process, including site preparation, drilling and casing, well completion, production, transportation, storage and disposal of wastewater and chemicals, and site remediation.


HSR Handbook. HSR powers. Training for HSRs. Accredited training providers. Training providers seeking accreditation. Since its first publication, the HSR Handbook has proved to be a useful tool in assisting HSRs to understand their role as it relates to the legislation.

This latest edition of the handbook has been revised and updated to provide concise and easy-to-read guidance that is of value to both new and experienced HSRs. Inspect the workplace of members of the Designated Work Group DWG , i f there has been a recent accident or dangerous occurrence, or if there is an immediate threat of an accident or dangerous occurrence.

Inspect the workplace of members of the DWG at any other time, provided the operator has been given reasonable notice of the inspection. Represent members of the DWG in health and safety consultations with the operators or their employers, i f there is no health and safety committee.

Access information held by the operator or employer that relates to risks to the health and safety of any DWG member except where an employer claims legal professional privilege. Ask NOPSEMA to institute proceedings for offences against the legislation if proceedings have not been commenced within six months of an alleged breach. It also seeks to assist facility operators and employers meet their legal obligations for HSRs.

The employer of the HSR must permit the representative to take such time off work, without loss of remuneration or other entitlements, as is necessary to undertake the training. Training providers not listed may not be accredited and are, therefore, unable to provide training that would comply with the OPGGS Act. Email: ifap ifap. Web: www. Email: admin unitytraining. If the initial accreditation process is successful, there are follow up surveillance audits to provide ongoing verification.

Workplace arrangements guidance note PDF 2. Raising and resolving safety concerns on your facility.

Health and Safety in Oil and Gas Extraction

Over , workers were employed in the oil and gas extraction and support industries in Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. These workers are engaged in many different industrial processes needed to successfully drill and service a well. These processes frequently require the use of specialized equipment and specialized work crews. From to , oil and gas extraction workers were killed on the job Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. Safety and health hazards and dangerous conditions that can result in fatalities for oil and gas workers include:. The information and resources provided on this web page can help workers and employers identify and eliminate hazards in their workplace. The web page introduces applicable OSHA regulatory requirements, as well as industry standards and guidance aimed at identifying, preventing, and controlling exposure to hazards.

Oil and gas workers exposed to chemicals produced and used in the oil and gas industry may suffer from occupational lung, skin, and other organ.

Safety and Health Management

Hundreds of thousands of people work in oil and gas extraction in the United States; 1 ensuring their health and safety is a major concern for employers, regulators, trade associations, industry groups, and local communities. From to , more than 1, workers were killed in oil and gas extraction operations, a fatality rate six times higher than the average rate for all U. Silica dust clouds from delivery trucks loading into sand movers at a hydraulic fracturing site.

Improper safety management in the oil and gas industry is not a small oversight and has many impacts. This occupation has many potential health and safety threats, but with hyper-vigilant management and well-trained employees, these threats can be largely mitigated in any working environment. In order to mitigate this, it is important for staff to understand the potential health and safety risks.

The Top 5 Occupational Hazards in the Oil & Gas Industry

HSR Handbook. HSR powers. Training for HSRs.

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