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Dietary supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry in the U. Additionally, many foods and beverages are increasingly being fortified with single or multiple vitamins and minerals.

Food Fortification and Supplement Use - Are there Health Implications?

The report further states that every second child in India, under five years of age, is affected by some form of malnutrition. According to Mini Varghese, Country Director, Nutrition International, conditions arising from malnutrition can prevent brain development, body growth, immune systems from working effectively, and increases lifelong risk of disease and disability. The control of micronutrient deficiencies is an essential part of the overall effort to fight hunger and malnutrition. India has been implementing a variety of strategies to address anaemia and micronutrient deficiencies which include iron-folic acid supplementation, vitamin A supplementation, nutrition health education to encourage dietary diversity, and others. However, the anaemia levels continue to be high. This, therefore, requires the introduction of strategies such as food fortification which are evidence based, tried and tested in other parts of the world, explained Bishow Parajuli, Country Director, World Food Programme.

Food fortification

Fortified and enriched foods were introduced in the s and s. They were intended to help boost vitamin and mineral intake with foods that adults and children were already eating, like grains and milk. These foods are meant to improve nutrition and add health benefits. For example, milk is often fortified with vitamin D, and calcium may be added to fruit juices. An enriched food means that nutrients that were lost during processing are added back in. Many refined grains are enriched.

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Are Fortified and Enriched Foods Healthy?

Food fortification can be used to increase the micronutrient content of foods or to replace nutrients lost in food processing, thus playing a valuable role in preventing dietary deficiencies. We look at how fortification can benefit both individuals and population groups, whilst remaining an area of controversy. With the vast array of food now on offer to most Europeans, dietary deficiencies should be a thing of the past. However, certain micronutrients remain critical, including iodine, folic acid, calcium and vitamin D.

Countries add nutrients to flour and rice to help people and nations thrive. Iron, zinc, folic acid, and other B vitamins are commonly added to prevent anemia from nutritional deficiencies and reduce the risk of infants with severe brain and spine birth defects known as neural tube defects. Nutritional deficiencies also impact survivors. Spina bifida, a spinal birth defect, has varying degrees of severity, and often leads to life-long disability. Fortification is successful primarily because it does not require consumers to change their behaviors.

Metrics details. Vitamins and minerals are essential for growth and metabolism. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 2 billion people are deficient in key vitamins and minerals. Groups most vulnerable to these micronutrient deficiencies are pregnant and lactating women and young children, given their increased demands. Food fortification is one of the strategies that has been used safely and effectively to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Being a food-based approach, food fortification offers a number of advantages over other interventions aimed at preventing and controlling MNM. These include:. Although it is generally recognized that food fortification can have an enormous positive impact on public health, there are, however, some limitations to this strategy for MNM control:.

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