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This manuscript discusses the physiology of the autonomic nervous system ANS. The following topics are presented: regulation of activity; efferent pathways; sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions; neurotransmitters, their receptors and the termination of their activity; functions of the ANS; and the adrenal medullae. In addition, the application of this material to the practice of pharmacy is of special interest. Two case studies regarding insecticide poisoning and pheochromocytoma are included.

Autonomic Nervous System

The ANS is further divided into the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Both of these systems can stimulate and inhibit effectors. However, the two systems work in opposition—where one system stimulates an organ, the other inhibits. Working in this fashion, each system prepares the body for a different kind of situation, as follows:. In these kinds of situations, the sympathetic nervous system stimulates cardiac muscles to increase the heart rate, causes dilation of the bronchioles of the lungs increasing oxygen intake , and causes dilation of blood vessels that supply the heart and skeletal muscles increasing blood supply.

Differential sympathetic noradrenergic, sympathetic adrenergic, and hypothalamic—pituitary—adrenocortical responses to stressors. Chapter 4. Sensitization of endocrine organs to anterior pituitary hormones by the autonomic nervous system. Chapter 9. Cooling, pain, and other feelings from the body in relation to the autonomic nervous system.

Autonomic Nervous System, Volume 117

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Physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System

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