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Accueil Dossiers Irrigation systems as common-pool Common-pool resources are natural or man-made resources shared among different users, a condition that produces a competition for their utilization leading often although not necessarily to their degradation or even to their destruction. This paper shortly discusses the "theory of the commons", as developed in the last 20 years by Elinor Ostrom and her colleagues, and illustrates it by mean of case studies regarding a number of irrigation systems in Northern Italy Lombardy and Aosta Valley. We show that that different social mechanisms, like the shared values e the social network existing inside the community of users, play a significant role in influencing the outcomes of the institutional schemes for the commons management. Examples are the world forests, fisheries, water basins, biodiversity and even the atmosphere.

Common-pool resource

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Handbook of New Institutional Economics pp Cite as. Open-access, common-pool resources, such as many fisheries, aquifers, oil pools, and the atmosphere, often require some type of regulation of private access and use to avoid wasteful exploitation. In the absence of constraints on users, such as those provided by informal community norms, more formal property rights, or other types of state regulation, individuals competitively exploit the resource rapidly and wastefully. Short-term horizons dominate, with little investment or trade to channel the resource across time or across users to higher-valued applications. This excessive extraction, which amounts to private plunder, continues so long as it is in the interests of the individual parties, even if society would be better off with less intensive and extensive use. Without some limits on individual behavior to better reflect broader, social benefits and costs, only private net benefit calculations govern resource use decisions.

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Common-pool resource , a resource made available to all by consumption and to which access can be limited only at high cost. Some classic examples of common-pool resources are fisheries , forests , underwater basins, and irrigation systems. In the case of fishing , fishermen face the temptation to harvest as many fish as possible, because if they do not, someone else will.

While the tragedy of the commons is real, there are many instances where institutions develop to protect against overexploitation. In this important work, the authors explore empirically, theoretically, and experimentally the nature of such institutions and the way they come about. Forests, irrigation systems, fisheries, groundwater basins, grazing lands, and the air we breathe are all examples of common-pool resources CPRs. Because no one has property rights or control over such a resource, users of CPRs are frequently assumed to be caught in an inescapable dilemmaoverexploitation of the resource, or what is commonly known as "the tragedy of the commons.

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Rules, Games, and Common-Pool Resources

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