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More often than not, mentoring and coaching are used interchangeably in the business context. If you are wondering how these two roles differ and what these professionals bring to the table, you need to know the specific responsibilities of a mentor and a coach.

Workplace learning with coaching and mentoring

More often than not, mentoring and coaching are used interchangeably in the business context. If you are wondering how these two roles differ and what these professionals bring to the table, you need to know the specific responsibilities of a mentor and a coach. A mentor, in simple words, is someone who offers their knowledge, expertise and advice to those with less experience. By leveraging their experience and skills, mentors guide mentees in the right direction.

A mentor helps mentees consider opportunities for career growth, gain confidence and improve interpersonal skills. As stated above, a business mentor provides support to the mentees with regard to their career growth and interpersonal skill development. Specifically, a mentor helps mentees explore their career options, set development goals, develop new contacts and identify resources.

In this way, a mentor serves as a professional advisor and role model for the mentees. In most instances, mentoring relationships are informal, while at times such relationships could be more formal. In formal mentoring relationships, mentors follow a structured approach to set realistic expectations and gain mutual benefits. Good mentors are always willing to share their skills and knowledge with the mentees.

Since they have faced the same challenges as their mentees, they are more empathetic towards their needs. To inspire and build trust and confidence, mentors possess a positive and can-do attitude.

These qualities make it easier for the mentees to discuss their professional goals and concerns with them. From a business perspective, mentors help employees gain more confidence in their work and develop skills to add value.

Confident and satisfied employees steer organizations forward, which explains why a number of businesses are now shifting their focus on identifying the right mentoring programs. A business coach focuses on specific skills and development goals by breaking them into concrete tasks to be completed within a specified period of time.

By doing so, business coaches help and guide businesses clarify their growth vision. For many businesses, identifying and prioritizing goals is a big challenge. Business coaches address this challenge by helping businesses prioritize their goals on the basis of importance.

They follow a more formal, structured approach to resolve issues and manage specific aspects of the job. A good business coach focuses on identifying goals, prioritizing them and choosing the right path to achieve them. In doing so, business coaches help businesses become more accountable, goal-driven and competitive. Business coaches cover various aspects of running a successful business.

These may include sales targets, marketing strategies, communication skills, team building, leadership and more. Coaches comprehensively assess businesses to recognize their core strength and growth challenges. Based on their assessment, they help formulate a plan or strategy, set targets and identify the steps required to achieve the desired results. A great business coach challenges the status quo, questions business decisions and prompts organizations to take a closer look at their approach.

This way, they bring in a fresh perspective to the business strategy and goals. But rather than simply questioning how things are run at a business, a coach guides the organization to adopt appropriate growth strategies. For businesses, a coach helps succeed by guiding in the right direction.

Often businesses lose sight of where they want to be and the steps they need to follow to achieve success, a business coach provides clarity. They give pointed advice and opinions to get businesses back on track. By now, it should be clear that a business mentor differs from a business coach. Both mentors and coaches benefit businesses in several ways. To benefit the most, businesses need to be clear on what their priorities are and what kind of support they are looking for.

With the right support, small businesses can become more productive, profitable and competitive. Business Mentor Photo via Shutterstock. Great post! I never really thought about the difference between mentors and business coaches. While there may be some overlap between the two, this post does a great job of distinguishing the two from each other.

It was interesting to learn that mentoring is a long-term process and Coaching is for a short period of time. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Powered by. What is the Difference Between a Mentor and Coach? Email this Article. Shubhomita Bose. She covers key studies and surveys about the small business market, along with general small business news.

She draws on 8 years of experience in copywriting, marketing and communications, having worked extensively on creating content for small and medium sized enterprises. Jeff Charles February 19, at pm. Shubhomita March 4, at am. Colleen Broussard-Perry January 23, at pm.

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Workplace learning with coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are two terms that are often used interchangeably. They are similar but different and I think it is important to consider the differences. These days, organisations are increasing applying coaching and mentoring strategies to staff development and performance management. But as with all new trends, they are often adopted without sufficient know-how or adequate training for coaches and mentors.

Though it may seem like these two are very similar but they are not the same. In this article we want to share our groundworks on the topic of differences and similarities between these two notions. If for some reason you have not got an opportunity to do it — consider having a quick look now, if you feel the relevance of complete understanding the difference. Coaching is aimed to achieve certain goals for example, an increase in employee management; speech structuring; strategic thinking development.

Coaching vs Mentoring: One significant difference

Yet, whilst there are some clear similarities between the two, both coaching and mentoring have distinct boundaries and purposes. Having an understanding of these differences between is pivotal in understanding what will serve your needs most effectively. In any life coach training you decide to pursue, the course should help make perfectly clear what the distinction is between coaching and mentoring. Coaching relationships are often shorter term around three to six months and both parties move on when the client has learned what they need to know and has realised their goals. Of course, the coaching relationship can remain open-ended, with clients returning in the future if they need support around another issue.

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