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Propositional logic provides a good start at describing the general principles of logical reasoning, but it does not go far enough.

Second-order logic

In the topic of Propositional logic, we have seen that how to represent statements using propositional logic. But unfortunately, in propositional logic, we can only represent the facts, which are either true or false. PL is not sufficient to represent the complex sentences or natural language statements. The propositional logic has very limited expressive power. Consider the following sentence, which we cannot represent using PL logic.

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First-order logic

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First-order logic —also known as predicate logic , quantificational logic , and first-order predicate calculus —is a collection of formal systems used in mathematics , philosophy , linguistics , and computer science. First-order logic uses quantified variables over non-logical objects, and allows the use of sentences that contain variables, so that rather than propositions such as "Socrates is a man", one can have expressions in the form "there exists x such that x is Socrates and x is a man", where "there exists " is a quantifier, while x is a variable. A theory about a topic is usually a first-order logic together with a specified domain of discourse over which the quantified variables range , finitely many functions from that domain to itself, finitely many predicates defined on that domain, and a set of axioms believed to hold about them. Sometimes, "theory" is understood in a more formal sense, which is just a set of sentences in first-order logic. The adjective "first-order" distinguishes first-order logic from higher-order logic , in which there are predicates having predicates or functions as arguments, or in which one or both of predicate quantifiers or function quantifiers are permitted. In interpreted higher-order theories, predicates may be interpreted as sets of sets. There are many deductive systems for first-order logic which are both sound i.

Lecture 5 • 2. Techniques in Artificial Intelligence. First-Order Logic. • Propositional logic only deals with “facts”, statements that may or may not be true of.

First-order logic

For anybody schooled in modern logic, first-order logic can seem an entirely natural object of study, and its discovery inevitable. It occupies the central place in modern textbooks of mathematical logic, with other systems relegated to the sidelines. The history, however, is anything but straightforward, and is certainly not a matter of a sudden discovery by a single researcher.

In logic and mathematics second-order logic is an extension of first-order logic , which itself is an extension of propositional logic. First-order logic quantifies only variables that range over individuals elements of the domain of discourse ; second-order logic, in addition, also quantifies over relations. Second-order logic also includes quantification over sets, functions, and other variables as explained in the section Syntax and fragments.

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    Whereas propositional logic assumes world contains facts, first-order logic (like natural language) assumes the world contains: Objects, Relations, Functions.

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    The ability to reason using the principles of logic is key to seek the truth which is our goal in mathematics.

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