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One thing is for certain: Balance can't be taken for granted past a certain age; it must be maintained — both in mind and body. If you've ever seen a friend or family member fall and suffer a major fracture, you know it's serious business. It seems obvious that general physical fitness and targeted exercises can improve balance and prevent falls. But you might be surprised to learn that staying mentally active to maintain cognitive fitness also plays a big role.

Understanding Brain, Mind and Soul: Contributions from Neurology and Neurosurgery

Hearts and Minds Vietnam or winning hearts and minds refers to the strategy and programs used by the governments of Vietnam and the United States during the Vietnam War to win the popular support of the Vietnamese people and to help defeat the Viet Cong insurgency. Pacification is the more formal term for winning hearts and minds. In this case, however, it was also defined as the process of countering the insurgency. Some progress was made in the — period by the joint military-civilian organization called CORDS , but the character of the war changed from an insurgency to a conventional war between the armies of South and North Vietnam. North Vietnam won in Pacification or hearts and minds objectives were often in diametric opposition to the strategy of firepower, mobility, and attrition pursued by the U. Rather than the search and destroy strategy the U.

Hearts and Minds (Vietnam War)

Winning hearts and minds is a concept occasionally expressed in the resolution of war , insurgency , and other conflicts, in which one side seeks to prevail not by the use of superior force, but by making emotional or intellectual appeals to sway supporters of the other side. The use of the term "hearts and minds" to reference a method of bringing a subjugated population on side, was first used by Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey a French general and colonial administrator as part of his strategy to counter the Black Flags rebellion along the Indochina -Chinese border in More famously, it was used during the Malayan Emergency by the British who employed practices to keep the Malayans' trust and reduce a tendency to side with ethnic Chinese communists, in this case, by giving medical and food aid to the Malays and indigenous tribes. I repeated the phrase during the ensuing meeting". One impressive result of this campaign has been the extent to which Malay women are now taking part in political and social affairs — something still very uncommon among a Moslem people. So much for official measures to encourage racial unity. But both General Templer and his successor, Sir Donald MacGillivray, have insisted time after time that Malayan patriotism cannot be imposed from without or from above; it must develop in the hearts and minds of the Malayans themselves.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: This article examines how consumer decision making is influenced by automatically evoked task-induced affect and by cognitions that are generated in a more controlled manner on exposure to alternatives in a choice task. Across two experiments respondents chose between two alternatives: one chocolate cake associated with more intense positive affect but less favorable cognitions, compared to a second fruit salad associated with less favorable affect but more favorable cognitions.

This is the transcription of a speech given by Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki- May Allah this issue of “Battle of minds and hearts” and they have written more than one This PDF book is brought to you by the Dar Al Murabiteen Publications.

The Heart vs. The Mind (scientific explanation) – A false dichotomy by the mind.

Some people feared globalization and questioned the benefits. Others welcomed it. Vice President: Millions of people a day are better off than they would have been without those trade developments, without globalization.

Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai, Treatment of diseases of the brain by drugs or surgery necessitates an understanding of its structure and functions. The philosophical neurosurgeon soon encounters difficulties when localising the abstract concepts of mind and soul within the tangible gram organ containing billion neurones.

Cognition Today.

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Winning hearts and minds

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