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Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty in Food and Beverage service Department in the Hotel Industry

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Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Field of Research: Guest satisfaction, Guest loyalty, Food and Beverage service, Hotel industry, Jordan 1. Kundampully and Suhartanto, The use of hotel facilities Such as night clubs, room services, restaurants, bar, banqueting have become a basic component of lifestyle for many guests.

Acharya et al. Many scholars discuss the necessity of the food and beverage department in the hotel industry development to achieve guests' satisfaction and loyalty. Ghani et al. This study suggests a Theoretical Framework for the relationship between guest satisfaction and guest loyalty in food and beverage service department in the hotel industry in Jordan.

However, R. Oliver, p. This defines that the customer satisfaction is arguably defined after the outcome of any marketing into businesses, acquiring a high market share for improved long term profitability is the main reason why marketers seek to develop and maintain a healthy loyal customer base. Cronin and Taylor, , defined that customer satisfaction directly leads to purchase intentions. Salazar, Costa, and Rita, studied the relationship between Service Quality and customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions on the hospitality sector.

There are many definitions of guest loyalty from researchers that make the overall concept and the ability of measuring the guest loyalty in the hotel industry. Defined the guest loyalty as the combination of repeat purchases from one service provider or brand coupled with the guest psychological attachment toward the provisional. Newman and Werbel, , defined loyalty as those who repurchased a brand, considered only that brand, and did no brand-related information seeking.

Jacoby and Kyner, , discuss that the only way to understand guest loyalty was to examine the belief, attitude and the cognitive structure of the guest. Therefore, the guest was able to become loyal first in a cognitive sense, then later in an affective attitude sense and finally in a behavioural sense. Getty and Thomson, , explained about the guest loyalty and defined two dimensions of it, the attitudinal dimension and behavioral dimensions referred which is infact the intentions of the guest to repurchase and advocate about the service provider.

Lee et al. Kundampully and Suhartanto, addressed the role of customer satisfaction and image with the study objective to assist the hotel industry managers to implement the had dealing with the concept of guest loyalty and satisfaction in the hotel strategy. Susskind, guest service management and processes in restaurants to discuss the guest satisfaction and increased focus on the scientific aspects of the subject to help restaurateurs improve their operations arrival to the loyal customers with good service.

Gentry and Kalliny, , explained consumer Loyalty in a synthesis, conceptual framework and research propositions to elaborate on the definition of consumer loyalty and discuss the probable factors of loyalty within a single framework.

Hallowell, looked through the relationships between guest satisfaction and guest loyalty and proved that the customer satisfaction relates to customer loyalty. Getty and Thomson, verified the relationship between quality of logging guests satisfaction and showed the effect of the same on guest intentions to recommend the lodging of perspective guests.

Zeithaml and Bitner, revealed the relationships between guest satisfaction,image,loyalty both positively and negatively. The relationship between food and beverage service department and guest satisfaction on customer loyalty is shown in figure1.

The above theoretical framework has been developed from the work of Kundampully and Suhartanto, , Acharya et al. Kundampully and To identify the Guests Simple regression Suhartanto, relationship between analysis guest satisfaction and The findings indicate, guest loyalty and the hotel image and image in the hotel customer satisfaction industry.

This study found that Satisfaction with room division's area, which includes housekeeping, received the highest overall mean scores for both of the hotels. Salazar et al. Satisfaction and the And behavioural intention to return to intentions in the the hotel is partially hospitality industry. A particular element in guest satisfaction is the extent to which employees believe that their restaurant maintains service standards.

They expect decent food and beverages with an acceptable degree of quality Service. Tideswell and Outlining the results Guests Questionnaire The findings of this Fredline, study clearly showed By research conducted that from a group of with 2, 5-star hotel guests Whom could guests to establish be considered to have how frequent guests some degree of are being presented behavioural loyalty to at the Gold Coast, a hotel property, Australia perceived there are differing the current degrees of attitudinal effectiveness of the loyalty to the hotels, marketing and found the gap and analysed guest Strategies used to loyalty.

Gentry and To test a model Guests Literature review Review of the Kalliny, consumer conceptual literature showed framework, and very Little progress in approximately eighty Research propositions years of research. We conclude discussing Both are considered in the result and the overall evaluation proposing and the single services improvement in 6 out of 8 of the customer satisfaction single aspects examined.

Management of the hotel. Human resource management in particular results to be especially effective in entertainment and restaurant service perception of the gaps we found in each room service. The finding of this Nash, customer-satisfaction study , discus guest strategy. Hu et al. Other findings Index model. Karatepe and To investigate the Guests Questionnaire The study uses a Ekiz, effects of apology, Sample of Turkish Atonement, guests in the Northern promptness, Cyprus hotel industry.

And to test reveals that the conceptual model Apology, explanation, and effort are three organizational Response options that exert significant positive effects on Complainant satisfaction and loyalty. The key items were adopted from previous studies by Kozub, , Simpson, , Kundampully and Suhartanto, , Susskind, , Ghani et al. According to the above table Customer satisfaction and loyalty is highly discussed topics today both in Theories and practice and they may become even more important in the near future.

That is why these study findings may be valuable for future research. The table analysis of customer satisfaction factors may be adapted by various hotel sectors and not only food and beverage department. The analysis of literature satisfaction and loyalty may raise the awareness of special challenges in particular Departments for improving customer service, and highlight issues in good service.

Hotel managers should also take note of a key finding in this study which is customer and loyalty guest. This study found that very little research has been conducted on guest satisfaction and loyalty in the Jordanian hotels.

All the findings and the framework suggested are vital for the food and beverage department and essential for all hospitality businesses. All guests demand for receiving good quality service and value for their money while using the facilities of employee service provider.

In the hotel industry, it is known that the guests always seek for great value service. The study of the relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality in the Jordanian hotels are highly recommended to examine the level of service quality and the level of loyalty, the type of customers, and customer satisfaction in all segments of the food and beverage department. Exploring customer loyalty :A study on fast food outlines in the city of chennai. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research.

Baig, E. Evoking emotion: affective keys to hotel loyalty. Bowen, J. Cornell H. Quarterly, 2, Cronin, J. Journal of Marketing, 56, Day, G. A two-dimensional concept of brand loyalty.

Journal of Advertising Research, 9 3 , Dick, A. Customer loyalty: Toward an integral framework. Journal of Academic Marketing Science, 22 2 , Edvardsson, B. The effects of satisfaction and loyalty on profits and growth:Products versus services. Total Quality Management. Fornell, C. Journal of Marketing, 56 1 , Gentry, L. Getty, J. The relationship between quality satisfaction and recommendation behavior in logging discition.

Journal of hospitality and leisure marketing, 2 3 , 3 - Rahmat, N. Gustafsson, A. Determining attribute importance in a service satisfaction model. Journal of Service Research, 7 2 , Guzzo, R. International Journal of Marketing Studies. Hallowell, R. The relationships of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability: an empirical study. International Journal of Service, 7 4 , Hu, H.

African Journal of Business Management, 5 1 , Jacoby, J. Brand loyalty versus repeat purchase intentions.

Food and Beverage Services - Basics

Box , Tripoli, Lebanon. Over 5 weeks, cafeteria users, including academics, staff, and students, were selected through convenience sampling. They completed an anonymous-designed survey with closed questions assessing quality of food and beverages, quality of service and setting, and satisfaction with food service attributes. In order to measure the existence and degree of significant relationships between different research variables, Pearson correlation coefficients were employed to analyse the data. Means of scores and frequencies were calculated. All service attributes had a significant and positive effect on the overall satisfaction.

This type of the research is case study with survey method by using questionnaire as a tool of data collection. The study was conducted in Purwokerto area. There are many various type of culinary business, such as cafe, restaurant, foodstreet, foodcourt, etc. But one of the most popular in the society now is cafe and restaurant. One of the new cafe and resto that had been just found in Purwokerto is Level Up.

The Importance of Restaurant Customer Satisfaction

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Toggle navigation. A questionnaire-based survey was distributed to students served at 10 limited service restaurants in the neighbourhood of universities in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. The key dimensions of food quality, customer satisfaction and customer retention were identified through literature. The data collected valid questionnaires were analysed using SPSS

Food and beverage services sector contributes a great deal to the profits in hospitality industry. With the increase in importance of business meetings, a range of personal and social events, a large number of customers visit catering establishments frequently. Food and Beverage Services can be broadly defined as the process of preparing, presenting and serving of food and beverages to the customers. The customer visits the premise to avail the food service. The most known commercial catering establishments are — hotels, all kinds of restaurants, lounges, cafeterias, pubs, clubs, and bars.

Chapter 17 – Managing Guest Services

A chief goal for any establishment, particularly hospitality providers, is providing a pleasant experience for guests. To exceed expectations is not just a goal, but also a state of mind. In the food and beverage industry, providing exceptional services requires teamwork, training, standard operating procedures, technology and most importantly the right attitude.

The importance of customer satisfaction does not discriminate. It can make or break the success of any restaurant, regardless of its size, location, demographics, or even the quality of the cuisine. However, restaurant owners can find it increasingly difficult to identify the major contributing factors of customer satisfaction, especially when they disagree with what customers feel that they need. It can be easy for new and old businesses alike to neglect the fundamentals of running a restaurant.

International Journal of Food Science

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Show all documents Top PDF A study on perception of guest about food and beverage service in five star hotels. A study on perception of guest about food and beverage service in five star hotels The study shows that there are customers who prefer five star hotels as compared to other star category hotels. There are some customers who visit five star hotels but feel that the latest trends in service are not seen in some five star hotels which can change their opinion about five star hotels.

Exploring customer satisfaction with university cafeteria food services. Abstract: This study investigates the link between the different service characteristics that have an influence on customer satisfaction in university cafeteria food services. A conceptual model comprising of different variables like food and beverage quality, service quality, food choice, price and value equality, and ambience were studied for customer satisfaction to explore the relationship among them.

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