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You can check your reasoning as you tackle a problem using our interactive solutions viewer. Palanivelu Book Summary: For the past two decades have witnessed a dramatic changes in the Indian business and financial Sectors due to this changes Financial Manager occupy key positions in top management areas for solving Complicated Management problems.

Classification of Accounting Ratios In view of the requirements of various users, the accounting ratios may be classified as under. Current ratio of is considered to be ideal. This ratio is a better indicator of liquidity and 1 : 1 is considered to be ideal. Items excluded in liquid assets are inventories, prepaid expenses. Items Included in Current Liabilities i Short-term borrowings.

Operating ratio

Even massive revenues can feel like a hollow victory if high expenses are taking a hefty bite out of your bottom line. They are variable, frequent, and generally include, but are not limited to:. Operating expenses can also include those expenses directly related to production, i. Often abbreviated to COGS, the cost of goods sold also called cost of sales include:. This becomes important when calculating operational efficiency, as the two must be added together.

Updated on Jan 05, - PM. This ratio represents the final result of the company. Profitability represents final performance of company i. Return on Equity. Earnings Per Share.

Operating Ratio Formula

Operating ratio also known as operating cost ratio or operating expense ratio is computed by dividing operating expenses of a particular period by net sales made during that period. Like expense ratio , it is expressed in percentage. The basic components of the formula are operating cost and net sales. Operating cost is equal to cost of goods sold plus operating expenses. Non-operating expenses such as interest charges, taxes etc. The operating ratio is used to measure the operational efficiency of the management. It shows whether or not the cost component in the sales figure is within the normal range.

Gross Profit Ratio 2. Expenses Ratio 3. Operating Ratio. 1. Net Profit Ratio 5. Operating (Net) Profit Ratio 6. Stock Turnover Ratio. Solution – 1 (Problem related.

Operating Ratio

The ratio is also known as an expenses-to-sales ratio. The formula for an operating ratio can be derived by dividing the sum of the cost of goods sold a. Mathematically, it is represented as,. Let us take the example of a company named ADG Ltd which is engaged in the business of manufacturing electronic parts for Tier I auto parts supplier.

It is also called the operating cost ratio or operating expense ratio. The ratio is generally expressed in percentage terms. The lesser the operating ratio, the better it is for the company. It is because a lower ratio indicates it is carrying out its operations efficiently. The cost of goods sold is added to operating expenses to find out the operating ratio.

Operational Efficiency Ratio: How to Calculate and Improve It

The operating ratio shows the efficiency of a company's management by comparing the total operating expense OPEX of a company to net sales. The operating ratio shows how efficient a company's management is at keeping costs low while generating revenue or sales. The smaller the ratio, the more efficient the company is at generating revenue vs.

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Identification of problem areas: Ratios help business in identifying the problem areas For example, ratio of gross profit to revenue from operations is known as​.

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