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Long Vowel Sounds

The English language provides a list of short vowel words that seem to be never ending. A short vowel word is any word that doesn't allow the vowel within it to generate that vowel's long vowel sound. For example, the word "bug" is a short vowel word because there's no long "U" sound. A word doesn't necessarily have to have three letters to be a short vowel word, but it makes for the easiest example and three-lettered words make up the bulk of any list of short vowel words. Let's take a look. Here's the reason why words with only three letters typically make the short vowel sound.

A Handy Guide to Long Vowel Sounds

These cut and paste worksheets are a fun and handy way for first grade and 2nd grade students to improve their phonics skills as they sound out and spell long vowel words. These handy Long Vowel Sounds Worksheets are a great way to teach phonics skills to grade 1 and grade 2 students. Some long vowels sound the same and this can be confusing! By putting the same sounds but alternate spellings on each page, children can clearly see the difference and perhaps think about why they are spelled differently. For example, does it depend if the long vowel is in the middle of the word or at the end?

End Sounds Kindergarten. Practice recognizing the short I sound with this printable worksheet. Practice sheets for working on long and short sounds. Super Teacher Worksheets - www. This page explains when each sound is commonly used. Missing Vowels Kindergarten. Categorize nouns grade

Long and Short Vowel Sounds Worksheets

Free phonics reading printable worksheet to practice reading the long vowel "i" sound, the "igh" sound and the "-y" sound. These can be used for differentiating instruction for the different needs of your students or used as practice and review work for students as they progress through the short and long vowels. With read-and-find pages, a long I challenge, and silent E printables, 2nd grade long vowels worksheets prepare children for reading at a 3rd grade level and beyond.

A long vowel is a vowel that is pronounced the same as its name. For example, the word emu starts with the long E sound. Seems pretty simple, right? But did you know that long vowel sounds can be spelled four different ways and that each way follows a specific spelling pattern?

Every English word must have a vowel sound. Understanding and recognizing the vowel sounds helps students with reading, spelling and vocabulary building. These free vowel worksheets may be viewed and downloaded as a PDF file by clicking on the worksheet name. Teach your elementary school students how to look for vowels with this interactive Autumn Leaves worksheet. This Christmas activity will help your students in learning how to find a vowel by using names on a Christmas stocking!

List of Short Vowel Words

Pay a glowing tribute to the world of vowels with our printable long and short vowel sounds worksheets for grade 1 and grade 2! When a vowel says its name like in "cake", it's called a long vowel. When it makes a short sound as in "zap", it's called a short vowel.

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Color each square according to the vowel sound you hear in the word. Color. Sound. Color. Sound red long a dark green short a yellow long e light green.

Long Vowel Sounds Worksheets

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