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Although born in India, Troward was educated in England and received honours in literature. Although he had been raised as a Church of England Anglican, Troward was well-versed in the other religions and philosophies of the world. His output was predominantly in the area of New Thought and metaphysics.

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning (Classic Reprint)

Search this site. His writings were a major influence on figures ranging from Ernest Holmes to early members of Alcoholics Anonymous to makers of The Secret. The works of Thomas Troward have been previously been dispersed among piecemeal volumes — The Power in You is the first authoritative anthology of his writings. Anxiety and Depression For Dummies? Smith, PhD. Caroline Coile. Elaine Spear.

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, Thomas Troward ( Audio Book )

For further study of this subject I would refer the reader to the works of two orthodox divines, Farrar's Eternal Hope and Plumptre's Spirits in Prison. The transgression of which Jesus speaks is the transgression of the Law of the I AM in ourselves, the non-recognition of the fact that we are the image and likeness of God. This is the old original sin of Eve. It is the belief in Evil as a substantive self-originating power. We believe ourselves under the control of all sorts of evils having their climax in Death; but whence does the evil get its power? Not from God, for no diminution of Life can come from the Fountain of Life. And if not from God, then from where else?

iii. Bible Mystery and Bible. Meaning. T. Troward. – 信 isbn: ‑1‑‑‑3 (pdf) Troward are unique in circulating themselves.

Thomas Troward

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Bible mystery and Bible meaning. Online library. Thomas Troward :: Bible mystery and Bible meaning : download ebook or read online more covers. Author: T.

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