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Human beings are destroying natural resources, andmany speciesof wildlife are being threatened with extinctionas a result. It is hunting and the wildlife trade in particular that are causing wildlife populations to diminish rapidly. The Convention established a permit system that differentiates on the basis of the conservation status of a species to provide protection for wildlife in international trade.

Wildlife trafficking — the poaching or other taking of protected or managed species and the illegal trade in wildlife and their related parts and products — has escalated into an international crisis.


By Dr. T he planet is experiencing alarming levels of species loss caused in large part by intensified poaching stimulated by a greatly expanding demand for animals, plants, and wildlife products. The rate of species extinction, now as much as 1, times the historical average and the worst since the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, deserves to be seen, like climate change, as a global ecological catastrophe meriting high-level policy initiatives to address its human causes. In addition to irretrievable biodiversity loss, poaching and wildlife trafficking pose serious threats to public health, with diseases such as Ebola, SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome , and various influenza types linked to the illegal wildlife trade, thus potentially causing global pandemics. Wildlife trafficking can also undermine human security of forest-dependent communities and cause local, national, and global economic losses. And under some circumstances, it can even pose threats to national security.

We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our website and to help us provide the best possible experience for users. View our Cookie Policy for more information. Adopt an animal today and help protect some of our most endangered wildlife and support other vital work around our planet. We need your help to give rangers the strength and safety they need, and to tackle poaching and demand for products like ivory. Join us and you can help stop the illegal wildlife trade and tackle other threats facing our natural world. The aim of this resource is to encourage 8 to 11 year olds to find out more about the threats to wildlife from illegal trade and to explore some of the solutions to help fight it — from the use of sniffer dogs to the development of new technologies.

A lthough anti-money laundering AML investigations are ever evolving, one major source of illegal profit internationally remains largely underreported—wildlife trafficking. Wildlife trafficking is a major illegal trade 1 and an environmental crime that is estimated to generate between seven billion US dollars and 23 billion US dollars annually. However, the illicit financial trail of this lucrative illegal trade is only sparsely covered. The unfortunate truth is that ignoring the figurative elephant in the room—wildlife trafficking—contributes to the extinction of actual elephants and other critically endangered species. Wildlife trafficking is estimated to be the fourth largest criminal enterprise, generating billions of dollars in revenues every year. Wildlife trafficking is defined as the illegal trade, smuggling, poaching, capture or collection of endangered species, protected wildlife, their derivatives or by-products.

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Poaching of elephants and rhinos still a problem. Wildlife poaching and trafficking is still a major problem, especially for the elephant and rhino species.

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    Wildlife trafficking — poaching and illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products — is one of the largest black markets in the world, measuring billions of dollars a year.

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    Illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be a multibillion-dollar business involving the unlawful harvest of and trade in live animals and plants or parts and products derived from them.

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    Poaching has been defined as the illegal hunting or capturing of wild animals , usually associated with land use rights.

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