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Hardeaded principles are: a. Start from the Start — always begin grounded in a realistic perspective of the facts. Before we can solve a problem, we must see it for what it is.

Hard Headed Woman

A nation of soft minded men is purchasing its own spiritual death through an [ installment ] plan. It is tough minded enough to resist evil. It is tender hearted to resist with love. It [ avoids ] the complacency and the donothingism of the soft minded and the violence and bitterness of the hard hearted. Introduction: open with quote from French philosopher.

Definition of tough mind— use Religion in Changing world 5 No one can doubt that this is a great need. Very few people achieve this toughness of mind. But All to many are content with the soft mind. It is a rarity to find anyone one willing to engage in hard, serious thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answer, and half baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than the idea of having to think. The soft minded person believes anything.

Take an attitude toward advertizements. We may seldom pause to can be so easily lead to buy a product [ words illegible ] because a television and radio advertizement pronounces it better than any other. Advertizers have long since learned that most people are soft minded, so they have developed special skill to create phrases and slogans that will penetrate the thin layer mind of the average reader or listener.

This undue guillibility is also seen in the tendency of many to accept the printed word of the press as final truth. They fail to see that even facts can be slanted and truth can be distorted.

So President Nkru of Ghana is considered a ruthless dictator by many because the American press has carefully disseminated this idea. Very few peopl have the toughness of mind that drives them to look beyond the inevitable biases and prejudices subjective appraisals of the newspaper headlines to the actual truth of the situation.

The soft minded are susceptible to belief in all kinds of superstitions. Actually the 14th floor is the 13th but we could never state it, because no one would stay there. The soft minded always fears change. The most pain of all pain for them is the pain of a new idea. They get a security in the status-quo. Give example of white man. Soft mindedness has often invaded the ranks of religion.

This is why religion has been all to slow in accepting new truth. The theory evolution was considered blasphemous, and there are still those religionist who, in spite of the most definitive evidence, reject this theory with religious passion.

Higher Criticism of the Bible 9. All of this has lead to the [ widespread? We have all seen the ominous consequecs of this type of soft mindedness in the modern world. Dictator after Dictor has capitalized on it, and as a result lead humanity more than once to blistering fires of barbarism. It came to its most tragic expression in Hitler. Quote from Mein Kamph The cancer of Race prejudice is also produced [ strikeout illegible ] Soft mindedness is also one of the basic causes for race prejudice.

They always pre-judge a race of people. Quote Abraham Curse and the soft mind believe The Negro is [ criminal? Show how politician capitalize on this There is little hope for us in our personal or collective lives until we become tough minded enough to rise about the shackles of half-truth and legends.

The shape of the world today does not permit us the luxury of soft minded. A nation of soft minded men is purchasing its own spiritual death through an instalment plan. But we must not stop with the cultivation of a tough mind. The gospel also demands a tender heart. Tough mindedness without tender heartedness is cold, and and detached. It leaves one life hardened by like a pepetual without the warmth of spring and the gentle heat of summer.

There is nothing more tragic than to see a person who has risen to the displined heights of tough minded and has sunk to the passionless depths of hard heartedness. The harted hard hearted person experiences truly loves. He only engages in a crude utilitarian love, which is not love at all.

Define Uti love 14 He only loves himself. He has never experienced the beaty of friendship. The hard hearted person has no genuine compassion. He is unconcerned about the pains and misfortunes of his brothers.

He passes by unfortnate men every day, but he never realy sees them. He sees men hungry and feeds them not; he sees men nacked and [ clothes? If he decides to gives to a worth charity, he gives his dollar and not his spirit. The hard hearted h individual never see people as people.

They become objects and inpersonal cogs in some ever turning wheel. If he is a hard headed business man people become mere producers of dollar.

They are digits, numbers etc see Butrick. Jesus told many parables to illustrate the characteric of the hard hearted. Dives went to hell not because he was wealthy but because he was not tender hearted enough to see Lazarus.

He went to hell because he was so hard hearted that he guarded compassion and made no move to bridge the gulf between himself and his brother. So Jesus reminds in a striking way that the good life demand combinding the toughness of th serpent with the tenderness of the dove. To have sepernt like qualities devoid of dove-like qualities is to be passionless, mean and selfish.

To have dove like qualities without serpent like qualities is to be sentimental, aimless, and empty. We must combind in our characters antithesis strongly marked. This text has a great deal of bearing on our struggle for racial justice. We as Negroes must combind tough mindedness and tender heartedness if we are to attain the goal of freedom and equality.

There are those soft minded individuals among us who feel that the only way to deal with oppression is to adjust it. They acquise to the fate of segregation. They have been oppressed so long that they have become conditioned to oppression. It is only for soft minded cowards. There are still other those hard hearted ind. They have allowed themselves to become bitter.

But this is not the way. It creates many more social problems than it solves. There is another way which cobinds tough mindnes with tender heartedness. It is tendered hearted to resist it with love. It avoid the complacency and the donothingism of the soft minded and the violence and bitterness of the hard hearted. Conclusion I cannot close without close without applying to meaning of our text to the nature of God. The greatness of our God lies in the fact that he is both tough minded and tender hearted.

This tough mindednes of God is expressed in an austere masculinity. The tender heartedness of God is expressed in a gentel feminty. He possesses the firmness of a father and the softness of a mother. The Bible stresses both the tough midedness of God—his justice and Wrath—and the tender mindedness of God—his love and grace. God has two strong arms—one that is strong enough to surround us with justice and one that is gentle enough to surround us with grace. On the one hand the Bible pictures God as a stern Judge who punishes Israel for he wayward deeds On the other hand he is a loving father who gladly forgives a Prodical Son and gives his only begotten son to redeem man.

If God were only TH he soft and sentimental unable to function when things go wrong and incapable of controling what he has made. He would be like H. Wells' God in God the Invisible King who is a lovable Being who with unrelenting passion desire to make a good world, but finds himself helpless before the surging powers of evil. He is tough minded enough to transcend the world He is tender hearted enough to be immanent in it—He leves us not alone in our agonies and struggles.

He seek us in dark places and suffers with us and for us in our tragic prodigality. There are times when we need to know that God is a God of justice.

When evil forces rise to the throne and slumbring [ giants? The quote mirrors lines from an E. They need not only knowledge which is power, but wisdom which is control. Smith, ], p. Kwame Nkrumah, prime minister and president of Ghana, was overthrown in a military coup in

Richard Belluzzo

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Hard Headed Soft Hearted Woman

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Hardheaded and Softhearted: Lessons from the Boardroom to the Break Room

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A nation of soft minded men is purchasing its own spiritual death through an [ installment ] plan. It is tough minded enough to resist evil. It is tender hearted to resist with love. It [ avoids ] the complacency and the donothingism of the soft minded and the violence and bitterness of the hard hearted. Introduction: open with quote from French philosopher. Definition of tough mind— use Religion in Changing world 5 No one can doubt that this is a great need.

Hard Headed Soft Hearted Book

With my red blanket wrapped tightly about my crossed legs, I was thinking of the coming season, my sixteenth winter. On either side of the wigwam were my parents. My father was whistling a tune between his teeth while polishing with his bare hand a red stone pipe he had recently carved. Almost in front of me, beyond the centre fire, my old grandmother sat near the entranceway. She turned her face toward her right and addressed most of her words to my mother.

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Lessons from the Boardroom to the Break Room. This little book captures their wisdom in capsule form, designed to guide readers along the path to a point where IQ meets EQ and quality of life results. When head Hardheaded Softhearted. This little book captures their wisdom in capsule form, designed to guide readers along the path to a point where IQ. Then she stuck the ring back in the box and shoved it into her pocket, picking up her wine and returning to the living room to wait for Robert to come home.

Hardheaded & Softhearted: Lessons from the Boardroom to the Break Room

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