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WileyPLUS connects the text to carefully-selected media examples and provides students a multitude of tools and content for self-study and practice. Along with beautiful visual resources, two new sections and associated assessment in each chapter show the relevance of key cell biology concepts to plant cell biology and bioengineering.

My area of research centers on the control of blood cell development in mammals whereby I investigate controlling mechanisms of cellular proliferation and differentiation. Utilizing both whole-animal and in vitro model systems, my laboratory has investigated the role of the lymphokine growth factors interleukin-3 and interleukin-6, the hormone erythropoietin and the proto-oncogene c-kit ligand on red blood cell production in murine tissues.

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Grant , Horizon Press, U. Balaji, L. Aravind in Genome Dynamics PDF Supplementary website Evolutionary systems biology: methods to reconstruct and compare transcriptional regulatory networks - M. The hidden codes that constrain protein evolution. Molecular Cell , PDF. Promiscuity as a functional trait: intrinsically disordered regions as central players of interactomes. Biochemical Journal , PDF.

Email: chris. The world faces grand challenges to meet the requirement for sustainable agricultural production and increased demands for biofuels and biomass. Reclamation of arable land of marginal quality will result in crops that increasingly experience stress. Abscisic acid ABA is a plant hormone which mediates seed maturation, cell division, and responses to drought, salinity, chilling, and pathogen attack. A deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms of stress adaptation impacting growth and development is necessary for the future development of engineered stress response strategies for crops.

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Published on: Thursday, January 23, Views:. During this time, he has maintained a consistent focus on combining rigor with accessibility, so that even students without prior training in cell biology, molecular biology, or biochemistry have been able to learn cell biology for collection of facts and discovery process. The value of this approach is that the lessons learned to extend far beyond the field of cell biology and provide a way for students to learn how science works, how new experiments can overturn previous dogmas, and how new techniques can lead to a groundbreaking discovery.

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