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Speak To My Heart. The Story I'll Tell.

High And Lifted Up (King Jesus)

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High And Lifted Up (Instrumental)

Blog About Us Contact. It is our goal in this first 30 days to completely blow you away and and prove to you that you should remain a member of the Gospel Music Training Center. If we do our job, we are certain you will find room for this type of ongoing training. Heal The World chords by Michael Jackson. Our guitar keys and ukulele are still original. Lifted up was he to die; "It is finished!

Bm. Be high and lifted up. G. Be high and lifted up. D. Be high and lifted u. A/C# p Jesus. Bm. Hallelujah. G. Hallelujah you are. D worthy of our. A/C# praise X2.

Hallelujah Chords

Learn Piano by Chords - Oscar Peterson. Easy Piano Sheet Music. Description : Some dark piano chords. He was not content merely to heal physical diseases.

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High & Lifted Up (Chords)

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Lyrics Verse1 The government is on Your shoulders The hearts of kings are in Your hands The nations rage, the earth is groaning For You to move across this land For You to move across this land. Bridge Can you feel the Heavens open? Can you see His eyes of fire? Can you hear the roaring Lion? Can you see the dead arise?

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High And Lifted Up (King Jesus)

Free Lyrics Download.