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Nikhil Bhobe. Accountancy Semester I has successfully completed the project on Valuation of Goodwill and Shares under the guidance of Prof. I, Akshata Ravindra Gawand , the student of M. The information submitted is true and original to the best of my knowledge.

Valuation of Shares

Read this article to learn about the important methods of valuing goodwill of a company! Under this method, average profit of the last few years is multiplied by one or more number of years in order to ascertain the value of goodwill of the firm. The average profit which is multiplied by the number of years for ascertaining the value of goodwill is known as Years Purchase. Now, Mr. Majumdar decides to manage the firm after replacing the manager.

The average profit which is multiplied by the number of years for ascertaining the value of goodwill is known as Years Purchase. Profit Basis Method:. Illustration 1 :. Now, Mr. Majumdar decides to manage the firm after replacing the manager. This method is particularly applicable where the trend of profit is rising.

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Valuation of Shares

When one company buys another company, the purchasing company may pay more for the acquired company than the fair market value of its net identifiable assets tangible assets plus identifiable intangibles, net of any liabilities assumed by the purchaser. Goodwill arises only part of a purchase transaction. In most cases, this is a transaction in which one company acquires all the assets of another company for some consideration other than an exchange of common stock. The buying company is willing to pay more than the fair value of the identifiable assets because the acquired company has a strong management team, a favourable reputation in the marketplace, superior production methods, or other unidentifiable intangibles. The acquisition cost of the identifiable assets acquired is their fair market value at the time of acquisition. Usually, these values are determined by appraisal, but in some cases, the net book value of these assets is accepted as being their fair value.

Under this method, valuation of goodwill can be calculated by capitalisation of average profit or capitalisation of super profit. Calculated by another method. Question 1. Chapter No. When a partner retires or dies; and 4.

Notes: If past profits are in increasing trend, then calculate Average Profit by weighted average method or otherwise simple average method. Calculation of F.M.P. .

valuation of goodwill class 12

Let us make in-depth study of the five methods of valuation of shares, i. Since the valuation is made on the basis of the assets of the company, it is known as Asset-Basis or Asset- Backing Method. At the same time, the shares are valued on the basis of real internal value of the assets of the company and that is why the method is also termed Intrinsic Value Method or Real Value Basis Method.


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