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The book is indispensable to students taking up the GATE exam as well as regular practitioners. The reason is the electronic devices divert your attention and also cause strains while reading eBooks. Industrial Engineering and Management 2.

To nurture engineers, entrepreneurs who develop solutions to continually improve socio-technical systems and add value to the society. The Industrial Engineering and Management Department shall transform the entrants of the Industrial Engineering and Management program into professionally competent engineers through innovative educational curricula, balanced research program and effective collaboration with industry and academia. The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management is backed by highly motivated and result oriented staff members.

Industrial Engineering (MEng)

The programme equips students with a systemic, solution oriented engineering mindset. The distinctive feature of IEM at Aalto University is that it combines classical industrial engineering, which emphasizes understanding and developing operational processes and complex systems, with a focus on strategic and entrepreneurial leadership. During the program students develop an integrative understanding of technology and business, a combination of theoretical understanding and a pragmatic can-do attitude, analytical capabilities to solve complex real life problems using data, people skills to build and lead organizations, diverse knowledge and experience from startups to largest corporations, and a global orientation and ambition level. Alumni of the programme have taken expert and leadership positions in a number of different types of companies, ranging from start-ups to large multinational companies, as well as public and non-profit organizations. They have co-founded a several startups including some of the fastest-growing companies in Europe and have been involved in and supported some of the major strategic decisions taken by a number of multinational companies. There is an active community of alumni that is closely involved with the current generation of students and actively participates in events jointly organized by alumni, students and faculty.

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Each academic year consists of two semesters which are 20 weeks each, and each semester is further divided into two study periods. Year - First-cycle studies The programme is undertaken within the technical field of Industrial Engineering and Management. The technical field of Industrial Engineering and Management consists of a combination of the subject industrial engineering and management together with another technical subject. The programme's first cycle begins with a number of basic course in mathematics and natural science, industrial engineering and management, and programme-specific subject courses. Starting in year two, course within the chosen technical specialisation are also undertaken. The first three years conclude with a first-cycle degree project of 15 credits which is carried out within the framework of a course at the engineering department responsible for other technology courses in the chosen specialisation, in cooperation with the Department of Industrial Economics and Management. To begin the first-cycle degree project, there are conditions and entry requirements.

Degree Classification, All the credits under the curriculum will be counted towards degree classification according to the. Order of Study, Order of study is dictated by the prerequisite and the co requisite requirements Generally Level One. Three courses and Core Engineering courses should be taken before Discipline Elective courses. First Year, The normal loading is 60 credits of Level One courses with 30 credits of courses in each semester. ENGG Introduction to electrical and electronic engineering 6 1. ENGG Introduction to mechanical engineering 6 1. Select 2 courses from the above General Engineering Courses credits required

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering and engineering management is concerned with the design, improvement, installation, and management of integrated systems of people, material, and equipment. Graduates of the program employ a set of skills that includes mathematical modeling, probability and statistics, computer science, human factors, interpersonal skills, project management, and an ability to manage and administer large technical engineering and research projects. Thus, industrial engineering and engineering management may be thought of as applied problem-solving, from inception to implementation and management. The objectives of the industrial engineering and engineering management program are to produce graduates who:. Saint Joseph St.

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Structure of the education

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    To become a world-class institution contributing towards developing entreprenteurial and managerial talents at the local, regional, national and international level by acquiring, processing, generating and disseminating knowledge in the area of Management.

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    INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT. SYLLABUS. E41/ The syllabus applies to students admitted in the academic year.

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